A FREE Activity Book for General Conference!

In my local Primary, they hand out activity pages for General Conference. That’s because it’s super hard for little kids to pay attention for hours and hours over a two-day span. Heck, it’s hard for adults, and I usually need to read the report to remember what was said. That’s because I “sometimes” fall asleep…. even though the talks are inspired and interesting.

This book has activities to help children pay attention, or at least to learn something about General Conference. You can print pages out from your FREE download and use them in any way you choose, including giving them to friends and passing copies out to your own Primary.

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General Conference Activity Book

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Two FREE Downloads About Being LDS!

Today I have two FREE downloads for you! They are both about the uniqueness of being a Latter-day Saint. First, we believe in revelation, and we have a prophet who helps guide us as a Church.

image description

Follow the Prophet Activity Book

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General Conference for Children

Let’s face it, sitting through General Conference can be hard for many adults, let alone for children. How can we help them be interested in what’s going on? Well, here’s something to try: a FREE download of my General Conference Activity Book!

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General Conference Activity Book

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FREE! Gospel Games Activity Book: Keep the Commandments!

Here’s a FREE download for teachers and parents to help teach children about the commandments. What are they, and why should we keep them? Games and activities are some of the best ways to reinforce a concept. Explain the ideas, and let the child internalize them in fun and interesting ways.

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Gospel Games Activity Book: Keep the Commandments

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FREE Download About Temples!

Here’s a FREE download for teaching children about temples. It has games and activities to help children understand the purpose and functions of the holy Houses of the Lord. This book was¬†adapted from a theme book and was first introduced as a FREE download. It has never been in print.


My Temple Activity Book

It’s important for children to understand what temples are for and what happens inside them. Temples are sacred, and some things need to be spoken about only¬†when there, but they are not a secret, and not to be thought of as scary or mysterious.

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FREE “I Can Choose the Right Activity Book” Download!

Dear Followers,

This week I have a FREE download for you that goes along with the 2017 Primary theme! That means you could find activities appropriate for sharing time, the classroom, Family Home Evening, or general use. The download is absolutely FREE, and you are allowed to get it printed/copied, make changes, and share the file.


I Can Choose the Right Activity Book

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FREE Downloads for the Nursery!

Dear Kid Lovers,

Do you work in the Primary Nursery, have small children, or teach little kids? I’ve got three FREE downloads you’ll love! They are books of visual aids that can be used in the Nursery, for playtime, or for teaching simple lessons. There are three of them:


Visual Aids for the Nursery 1:
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FREE Downloads to Teach Children About Jesus Christ!


I’m Trying to Be Like Jesus Activity Book


My Savior Lives Activity Book

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FREE Baptism Book and Kit!

Hi All,

The end of the year is upon us, and that also means the beginning of next year is imminent! And THAT means holding the annual baptism program for the children who should be getting baptized throughout the year. Continue reading