FREE! Download for a Primary Activity Day About Testimonies!

This week I have a FREE download for a Primary Activity Day about testimonies! Sometimes children are discouraged from bearing their testimonies because they don’t know what to say, or they just copy what others are saying. To encourage them, here is a download about what a testimony is, and what is appropriate to say when bearing their very own testimonies.

K-TEST cvrPrimary Activity Day Kit: I Have a Testimony

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FREE! Independence Day Download!

Here’s a download for you for Independence Day. You can use it for a poster or whatever you like. Share it, or give it away.

Independence Day Download

July 4th small

Happy Independence Day!
July 4th smallest
Glorianne Muggli
Muggli Graphics

FREE! America and the Restored Gospel Activity Book

This week I am giving you one of my very favorite book downloads, America and the Restored Gospel Activity Book.

It tells the story of America and how it was settled, and there’s a reason it’s one of my favorites – because paper dolls! There are full color paper dolls with colonial and pioneer clothing. So this book is great for Independence Day and Pioneer Day! Awesome!

AB-A 400
America and the Restored Gospel Activity Book

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Guess the Primary Song Sharing Time Kit! FREE!!!

This is the kit I used more than any other when I was a Primary President the first time. I had a counselor who would bail on me without warning because of illness. Not her fault, of course. The reason I used it so much was that the kids loved doing the activity, and it can be done without any preparation, so there’s that…. you just have to do a little plotting between the chorister and pianist.

Guess the Primary Song Sharing Time Kit


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FREE! Happy Father’s Day!

Celebrate Father’s Day with a fun kit download! Use in class, for FHE, or give kids a coloring page. Talk about the fine qualities of fathers and use either a real father or a boy. Put little signs on your volunteer while discussing fathers.


Parts of a Father Sharing Time Kit

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