FREE Thanksgiving Turkey Download!

This week I’m giving you a FREE download of a Thanksgiving Turkey decoration! You can use it on your wall or it can be adapted for classroom lessons, singing time, FHE, or sharing time. Example: for sharing, have children write on feathers things they are grateful for, and assemble to make the turkey. For singing time, write song names or numbers on the feathers and have kids “pluck” one to sing a song.


Thanksgiving Turkey Download

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BONUS! Three FREE Stories of Jesus Kits!

When you want to tell your child (or your class or the whole Primary) about Jesus Christ and some of the miraculous things He did, what better way than to use some of the stories contained in these 3 kits? Kit #1 has His baptism by John and the Temptation. Kit #2 contains the stories of Jesus calling His apostles. Kit #3 tells about the marriage at Cana and the woman at the well.

At my house, where I live with my daughter and her family, I prepare the figures by laminating them and putting hook velcro on the backs, and after telling my little grandsons the stories, I let them play with the figures and tell the stories back to me using my Storyboard. They learn and remember best through play, and they enjoy retelling the stories.

K-JES1 cvr  K-JES2 cvr  K-JES3 cvr

Stories of Jesus #1, #2, and #3

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FREE! America and the Restored Gospel Activity Book

Looking for patriotic AND gospel-oriented activities? America is literally the Promised Land, promised to the faithful in scripture. This book tells the stories, and has lots of fun games and activities to help the messages stick.

AB-A 400

America and the Restored Gospel Activity Book

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FREE Bulletin Board Ideas for Summer!

This week for you I have a FREE book of ideas, visual aids, and Church history dates for summer! Visual aids and borders can be used for putting up a bulletin board as well as sharing time, singing time, for general use, and in the classroom.


Visual Aids for Bulletin Boards 2

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FREE Downloads for the Nursery!

Dear Kid Lovers,

Do you work in the Primary Nursery, have small children, or teach little kids? I’ve got three FREE downloads you’ll love! They are books of visual aids that can be used in the Nursery, for playtime, or for teaching simple lessons. There are three of them:


Visual Aids for the Nursery 1:
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FREE Downloads for Bulletin Boards and Choosing!

Hello Everyone,

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The 2017 LDS Primary Monthly Posters Book Now Available! Plus FREE “Family Home Evening Service Activity Book” Download!

Cover - AB-FHE

This week I’m offering a FREE download of my “Family Home Evening Service Activity Book,” which is especially for families to use for planning Family Home Evening activities. Lots of ideas are in the book for fun things to do as a family. Continue reading

The 2017 LDS Primary Song Visual Aids Book Now Available! Plus FREE “My Baptism Activity Book” Download!

~2017 theme covers.cdr

This book has visual aids for teaching all the songs in the 2017 Primary Children’s Program. The children’s program I’ve written for 2017 has extra songs added, and this book has visual aids for those, too. Available NOW on Amazon! Continue reading

The 2017 LDS Primary Theme Book Now Available! Plus FREE Visual Aids for Fall!

~2017 theme covers.cdr

This book has REPRODUCIBLE Primary organizing tools and 2 sharing time ideas for each month in 2017. Available NOW on Amazon! Continue reading

FREE Download! Plan of Salvation Sharing Time Kit

Hello Readers,

This week I have a FREE download for you of a kit that can be used in sharing time, in a class, or for Family Home Evening.

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