FREE Download: I Learn to Obey

This week I have a FREE download to help you teach children about obedience. Learning this is important, not least for the child’s safety and well-being. This book helps to teach children about obedience to both parents and God. When children learn that they are asked to do or not do things because they are loved and cherished, they can better understand the importance of paying attention to requests, laws, and commandments.

GG-LO cvr

Gospel Games Activity Book

You may use this download any way you wish: print it, make changes to it, and share it. Use for sharing time, in a class, FHE, or for general use (such as letting kids use it at home).

This book download will be accessible from the Featured Downloads page for a week (Thursday through Wednesday). If you want it after this week is up, just look around on the website and you’ll find it on another page, still free. This particular book will be found on the Activities page.

You’re welcome!
Glorianne Muggli
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