FREE DOWNLOAD! Activities for Family Home Evening!

If you’re like a lot of people, running out of ideas for things to do can be a problem. Here’s a collection of ideas for families, and it’s absolutely FREE! There are ideas for planning, family service, holiday service, and service to neighbors and others. So in case you didn’t get that, the ideas are about FHE activities for serving others. There are tons of ideas, and most could be adapted for use with other groups of people.

Cover - AB-FHE

Family Home Evening Service Activity Book

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FREE Downloads to Teach Children About Jesus Christ!


I’m Trying to Be Like Jesus Activity Book


My Savior Lives Activity Book

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A FREE Download for Family Home Evening!

Hello, FHE Planners!

Whether you have small children or are part of an adult FHE group, planning for Family Home Evening can test your imagination. If you’re anything like me, you like lessons, but you LOVE activities. Continue reading

The 2017 LDS Primary Monthly Posters Book Now Available! Plus FREE “Family Home Evening Service Activity Book” Download!

Cover - AB-FHE

This week I’m offering a FREE download of my “Family Home Evening Service Activity Book,” which is especially for families to use for planning Family Home Evening activities. Lots of ideas are in the book for fun things to do as a family. Continue reading

The Old Blog….

Here is a link to my old blog! Just in case you want to take a look at it….