FREE! Download for a Primary Activity Day About Testimonies!

This week I have a FREE download for a Primary Activity Day about testimonies! Sometimes children are discouraged from bearing their testimonies because they don’t know what to say, or they just copy what others are saying. To encourage them, here is a download about what a testimony is, and what is appropriate to say when bearing their very own testimonies.

K-TEST cvrPrimary Activity Day Kit: I Have a Testimony

What children need to know is that their testimony should be their own, not someone else’s. This book helps them to understand how they can develop their own testimonies, not just parrot those of others. This download could be used in a class, for FHE, or for general use.

When you download something from this site, it belongs to you, and you can use it in any way you choose. You can make copies, give the files away, etc. Please share this site with others. There are dozens of downloads available, all with unrestricted use.

Share your testimony!
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