Teaching Helps for Young Women! FREE!

I don’t know how you feel about it, but I’ve always thought that it isn’t fair that the Young Men, through the Scouting program, get a badge every time they turn around, but it takes forever – years, even –  for Young Women to get a necklace thingy. Not that those aren’t nice, but….

Classroom Books for Young Women 1, 2, and 3,
Gospel Games Book: Young Women Values

Needless to say, teachers of Young Women can use lots of resources, even if they are for the out-of-date lesson manuals. You can find lots of resources by exploring these FREE book downloads, not to mention support for the Young Women Values!

As always, these downloads are totally FREE, and there are no restrictions on how you use them. Share with friends, please.

Coming right up, the website will be redone and posted shortly. Of note: Past Primary Theme Series books for the last several years will be posted FREE!

Please visit gloriannemuggli.com to see all the available downloads. All free, all the time, for everybody!

Happy Teaching!

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