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In the new “Come, Follow Me” Primary guidelines, hymns are still suggested to be learned and used in Primary. Here’s a book that can help. It has visual aids for teaching some of the hymns that have been used in past Outlines.

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Teaching Hymns in Primary

There are a lot of great ways to help children learn the songs in Primary. Keeping in mind that there are different learning styles, it may pay to remember that more people learn visually than any other way. I feel as if that can be forgotten sometimes with all the word repetition and games that are used as learning aids, and that’s probably because the chorister may implement his or her own learning style to teach the children.

Personally, I have average retention when I listen (audio, like talks and lectures) or do something (kinetic, like coloring a picture), but my retention goes through the stratosphere when I SEE something (visual, such as looking at pictures or watching videos), so I choose to use visual aids to aid in memorization. Combining the styles can be very effective.

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