FREE Visual Aids for Nursery!

Thanks to all those of you who have recently followed this blog, and welcome!

This week, I have three downloads for you, with lots of visual aids. These are meant to be used in the nursery, but of course there are many uses for them, especially at home with small children.


Visual Aids for the Nursery 1


Visual Aids for the Nursery 2


Visual Aids for the Nursery 3

Book 1 has shapes, colors, and numbers. The uses for these are obviously to teach those things to small children. Book 2 has plants and animals, which can be used to teach children about those same plants and animals. Book 3 has a Gospel alphabet, good for both teaching the alphabet and for teaching gospel principles.

Use the visuals any way you want to, and share them with friends. You have permission to print and copy the pictures, and also to share the files.

Happy Holidays!
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