Two FREE Christmas Story Downloads!

This week I have two FREE Christmas Story downloads for you! They are both fictional stories, teaching children about character and principles.

The Spirit of Christmas Story Kit

Which is more important, winning, or being kind to others? Help children understand which is more Christlike.

Teach the Children Story Kit

In this story, Santa lets children know he is concerned that the real meaning of Christmas has been lost.

It’s important as families and friends to establish traditions. When my girls were young, we established a tradition of having stories told on Christmas Eve. We told the scripture story of the birth of Christ, and then we would tell some other stories, too. This one was given to me by a relative, and became a traditional Christmas Eve story. The Spirit of Christmas is one I found only recently, or it might have also become a tradition.

Having children place the figures while the story is being told helps the principles be remembered better, as does talking about the character traits and why being a good person is so important.

Have a Merry Christmas!
Glorianne Muggli


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