2 FREE Christmas Story Downloads!

Halloween’s over! Time for Thanksgiving and Christmas stuff! So this week I have not one, but two FREE Christmas story book downloads! Exciting, right?


This is one of the first kits Muggli Graphics ever published, Piccola Christmas Story Sharing Time Kit. Piccola is one of the best-behaved children ever, but her poor parents can’t afford to get her any gifts for Christmas… so sad.

The Happy Prince Story Kit is not strictly a Christmas story, but as its themes are love and service, the story fits in well.


This is a beautiful story about someone giving everything they have to serve others, and I can never tell it without getting choked up. P.S. That means it’s a good one.

These and many other book and kit downloads are available FREE at gloriannemuggli.com/kit.

When you download any of my FREE books and kits, it belongs to you, and you can print or copy it and share the pages and files with your friends.

Happy Holidays!
Glorianne Muggli
Muggli Graphics