Great Changes for 2019! And FREE Presidents of the Church Sharing Time Kit!

I hope everybody watched General Conference! It was amazing. President Nelson once again proved to us all that he is God’s prophet for these times. He introduced a new 2-hour schedule (YAY!) for Sundays, and he asked us to stop using nicknames, and start using the correct name of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We can do that.

We were also asked to have a 10-day “fast” from social media, so I’m using Facebook for business only, as in: I’ll post this blog but not the stuff I usually do, like how I don’t like certain events and points of view. I thought I’d have withdrawal symptoms, but so far, none have appeared.

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Presidents of the Church Sharing Time Kit

Because Primary will no longer have Sharing time, I will no longer write and publish the yearly theme series of books I’ve been writing for over 20 years.  It’s kind of a relief, to tell the truth. I have looked at the “Come, Follow Me” lessons for Primary, and have concluded that the Church has done a wonderful job with them, and they don’t need supplementation. If there’s something to write a new book about, I’ll do that, and it may or may not be offered as a FREE download.

What I will do is to continue to provide links in this blog to downloads you might like. Meanwhile, go to  and explore to find things you might like to use for Sunday lessons, lessons at home, or for your children to use anywhere. You own the downloads, and can always share the copies and files. I’d like you to share with anyone you choose. Soon, the 2018 books will be put up as FREE downloads, so everything on this site will be FREE!

FREE is a very good price!
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