FREE! Plan of Salvation Kit!

I think for a lot of children, visuals are the best way to explain concepts. I believe that’s definitely true of the plan of salvation. How many times have you seen someone draw one of those charts on a chalkboard? A lot.

Plan of Salvation Sharing Time Kit

Now you can make one of those cool charts in color with my FREE download! Get this FREE Sharing Time Kit download and make a chart anytime. Let the children in your family or class construct it to increase their understanding of the plan. You can use tape, magnets, or velcro on the backs if you laminate the visuals, and then you can use them again and again.

Please share your files and copies with your friends! And let’s all watch General Conference to see what changes are in store for Primary in 2019!

Please share!
Glorianne Muggli
Muggli Graphics