Revised General Conference Activity Book: FREE Download!

Just in time for General Conference, I have a revised version of the General Conference Activity Book featuring President Russell M. Nelson available for FREE! I remember being a youngster and being totally bored by watching conference on TV. In southern California where I lived at the time, it was shown on a network station, which was fortunate because it was before cable. I would have welcomed some activities to help me engage with what was going on. I did like the Mormon Tabernacle Choir music, though.

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General Conference Activity Book

For your home or classroom, you can distribute copies to help the children get more excited about watching. Children can use pencils and crayons to record information and answer questions.

I’m eagerly waiting to hear about the new curriculum, especially for Primary, and how we are to implement it! I’ve noticed that President Nelson has ushered in a lot of changes so far, and I’m sure there will be more.

After downloading, feel free to share with others.

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