Teach Children About Exaltation for FREE!

The time is coming for parents to be responsible for teaching their families at home. Testimonies will be more important than ever, and whatever will help teach you Gospel principles will be important to seek out.

AB-E 300

Exaltation Activity Book

Here’s a FREE download for a book that teaches about exaltation. Years ago, I taught the 12 year old Sunday School class for a couple of years, and every week I made some sort of puzzle or handout to go with the lesson. I collected them all, and voila! This book. Obviously that manual isn’t being used any more, but for FHE or teaching your family at home, it works great!

My website, gloriannemuggli.com, has dozens of FREE downloads available to help you with your calling and with your family. When you download a file, it belongs to you, and you may do whatever you want with it and any copies you make. I’m hoping to help make your life easier by sharing over 20 years of my work.


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