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My favorite parts of the Children’s Program are the beautiful songs we get to sing. I’ve been in Primary for about 40 years off and on – mostly on. I don’t know when I participated in my first sacrament meeting presentation, but I don’t remember having them early on when I first started teaching. What I remember is teaching 18 – yes, eighteen! – three-year-olds with an assistant as my first calling in 1974. Fortunately I’m the oldest of 12, so getting little kids to behave is part of my DNA. I “taught,” while the assistant grabbed children and put them back in their seats, over and over. Since Nursery was started, Sunbeam teachers have a MUCH easier time of it, make no mistake. Also, team teaching is great!

This week, I have posted two downloads with visual aids to help teach the program songs. Using a picture with each phrase is my favorite method for teaching new songs, and after being called as a chorister multiple times, I’ve found it to be very effective. I also use many other methods, especially for review.

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Teaching Hymns in Primary

This book has visual aids for teaching hymns, as well as children’s songs that are not in the Children’s Songbook, that are often used in the children’s programs.

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Primary Song Visual Aids Book

This book has visual aidsactions, or other instructions for EVERY song in the Children’s Songbook. Also included are lists of visual aids for each song and suggestions for keeping track of all the pictures. Basically, a visual aid is used to suggest the words for each phrase of the song.

NOTES: Please DON’T put the visual aids for each song into a big manila envelope and pass boxes and boxes on to the next chorister. This is not only overwhelming, expensive,  and unnecessary, but it assumes the person has a huge storage space available. DO file the pictures alphabetically and use the same picture every time you need an angel or whatever. DO use paper bag puppets, actions, wordstrips, or whatever gets the idea across. Signing is great, DO just remember all adults DON’T know how to do it. DO explain that using a picture of a ruler doesn’t mean sticks are in charge of governments, but that it helps us remember the words to the song. Children can get pretty confused about the words without us making it worse.

Lastly, DO remember that while trying to make sure every child gets turns to participate, your job is to encourage the children to learn and sing the songs, and picking good singers to hold pictures up is a guaranteed way to do that.

Remember, you can copy, print, share, change, etc.

Thank You, Choristers!
Glorianne Muggli
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