FREE Download About Choosing the Right! PLUS News for 2019!

The FREE download for this week has lots of games and activities for helping you teach children how to choose the right. This is how little children learn to put on the Armor of God, by learning to use their agency for being righteous and avoiding evil.

Updates have been made to this book to show President Nelson as our prophet.


I Can Choose the Right Activity Book

NEWS! The new curriculum for 2019 has been published on We are being asked to use digital materials when possible, but print manuals will also be made available. The general focus for children, youth, and adults will be the New Testament, and there will be new Come, Follow Me materials published. The 2019 Primary theme will be Families Are Forever.

There will be materials published for Home, Sunday School, and Primary. The Primary Come, Follow Me materials will be available in the future, along with the Outline for 2019. In my experience, they are usually available sometime in September or October.

The same materials will be used for all the age groups in Primary, and it remains to be seen exactly how the program will be implemented. Teachers may be assigned lesson subjects or allowed to choose, but probably they will be responsible for adapting the lessons to suit the ages and abilities of their class members.

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