FREE! Paper Puppet Book!

If you’ve never seen or used paper bag puppets, you’re in for a treat! All you need to make them are lunch-sized paper bags, crayons or other media, tape or glue, paper, and a copier (or you can trace them). Paper bag puppets are fun, easy to make, and super inexpensive. They also can be easily stored by simply folding them flat.


Paper Puppet Book

Assembling them is easy, too. Just follow the diagram below to put them together. Children love puppets! They are mesmerized by them and will willingly follow directions the puppets give them. They love to role play and sing with them, too. These puppets make great visual aids. They can be adapted to represent just about any character, animal, or even objects.

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Making their own paper bag puppets can be done when children are old enough to cut them out accurately by themselves, and they can be used for many teaching situations. Younger children will need adult help. Please enjoy and share with your friends!

Glorianne Muggli
Muggli Graphics