FREE Downloads to Teach Children About Missionaries!

We like to teach children that they should plan on going on a mission, but what does that really mean? I have two FREE book downloads that can be used in Primary or at home to help children understand what a missionary teaches and what they do. The first one is based on the old system with six lessons, with activities for children about each of the basic concepts in those lessons.


Children’s Missionary Activity Book


Parts of a Missionary Sharing Time Kit

The second download is for a sharing time kit that celebrates the wonderful qualities of missionaries. You get a real (or future) missionary to come to the front of the Primary room (or the living room) and talk about the parts, or qualities, of missionaries, while fastening wordstrips onto them at the appropriate spots. It’s a fun activity and children love it!

When you get a download, you can share it, change it, and print/copy it. You can use it for your classroom, for FHE, and for general use.

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