FREE Download for Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day is coming right up! Celebrate mothers in your Primary or FHE with this cute Parts of a Mother Sharing Time Kit. It has wordstrips, a coloring page, and instructions for an activity that celebrates the wonderful qualities of mothers. It’s easy to prepare and carry out. All you need are the kit contents (also scissors, a color printer, and tape) and a real or fake (a volunteer little girl or teacher) Mother. Easy peasy!


25% Off Sale!

2018-ALL 150

Now’s your chance to get the 2018 Primary Theme Series Books at a discount! All but the Children’s Program have been marked down by 25%, but if you get the all-in-one book, it will be included. There will be another markdown in a few months, and after the 2019 books are released, they will be available as FREE downloads. It just depends on when you need them….

Use the contents of these downloads for any purpose you choose. Save the files, print the pictures at home or at a copy shop, make changes to the files, and share the files with anyone you choose. Use for the classroom, use at home, or use for FHE. Please enjoy and make use of these things!

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