FREE Ideas for Young Men Downloads!

Years ago, the Young Men and Young Women programs both had lesson books for Sunday meetings, and we made books that had handouts/activities for every lesson in the three-year series of manuals. This week I’m featuring the old Young Men Classroom books. Even though they are out of date, they are still full of ideas!

CB-YM1 300

Classroom Book for Young Men 1

Cover - CB-YM2

Classroom Book for Young Men 2

CB-YM3 300

Classroom Book for Young Men 3

Muggli Graphics also has classroom activity books for Young Women, and current ones for all the Primary manuals, all available as FREE downloads at:

Once you download any of the books onto your computer, you are free to share it, change it, and print/copy it. You can use it for your classroom, for FHE, and for general use. Please enjoy, and tell your friends about the website! And if you’re looking for help with running your Primary, check out The books for the 2018 Primary theme are shown there, with links to the Amazon pages where they can be purchased.

Glorianne Muggli
Muggli Graphics