FREE Downloads for Easter and General Conference!

I  have two special downloads for you this week!

One is a kit for telling the Easter story. Scripture references, coloring activities, and visual aids are given.

K-RES cvr

Resurrection Sharing Time Kit

The second is a favorite, a book with activities to help children understand what General Conference is about. Simple activities help kids follow along and participate.

AB-GC cvr

General Conference Activity Book

Once you have downloaded these files, or any others from this website (except current Primary Theme materials, which can be purchased on Amazon), they belong to you. You can use them however you wish. You can share them, change them, and use them. This book can be used in your classroom, at home, for FHE, or in any other way you choose.

Happy Easter!
Glorianne Muggli
Muggli Graphics

Easter Apr 18