2 FREE Downloads to Teach Children About Temples!

Temples are special. Children need to be taught what happens there, and how they can be prepared to go to the temple when they are old enough. This week I have two book downloads for you to help you in teaching children about temples!


My Temple Activity Book


Gospel Games: The Temple Helps
Me to Have an Eternal Family

A no-risk deal for you: these downloads are absolutely FREE! You won’t get added to a mailing list or get irritating phone calls! You can download them, take a look, and use (or not) anything you want. Share them, copy and print them, and enjoy them. Use them at home, in class, for FHE, or however you want.

Not only that, but you can find dozens more FREE downloads at the same website. At gloriannemuggli.com, there are many categories to choose from. There are games and activities, kits, visual aids, and books with handouts for your Primary lessons!

Glorianne Muggli
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