Three REVISED Books for You!

Well, we’ve certainly had an eventful time recently. We’ve lost our beloved President Monson and now we have a new president, Russell M. Nelson, with his counselors. Because of that, and the many posts I’ve seen on Facebook about Primary leaders wondering how to talk to children about this, I’ve undertaken some revisions.

Three of the FREE DOWNLOADS had pictures of President Monson on the front and content about him. Those books have been revised or added to, and are now available as FREE downloads for you to use in any way you wish. You can certainly use some of that content to tell the children about our new prophet, President Russell M. Nelson.

AB-FOLLnew 300

Follow the Prophet Activity Book Revised Edition

The first book is about following prophets. The other two books have specific content about each president of the LDS Church.

GG-Pnew 300

Gospel Games: Presidents of the Church
Revised Edition

K-PRESnew 300

Presidents of the Church Sharing Time Kit Revised Edition

The books can be used for sharing time, singing time, classrooms, and for general use. Best of all, they’re completely FREE and once you download them, they belong to you and you can change them, share them, and print/copy them.

You’re Welcome!
Glorianne Muggli
Muggli Graphics

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