FREE Downloads: Stories of Jesus Kits!

When you want to tell children about Jesus Christ and some of the miraculous things He did, what better way than to use some of the stories contained in these 3 kits? Kit #1 tells about His baptism by John, and the Temptation. Kit #2 contains the stories of Jesus calling His apostles. Kit #3 tells about the marriage at Cana and the woman at the well.

When I tell the stories, I prepare the figures by laminating them, cutting them out, and putting hook velcro on the backs, and after telling the stories, I let them play with the figures and tell the stories back to me using my Storyboard. They learn and remember best through play, and they enjoy retelling the stories.

K-JES1 cvr

Stories of Jesus Sharing Time Kit #1

K-JES2 cvr

Stories of Jesus Sharing Time Kit #2

K-JES3 cvr

Stories of Jesus Sharing Time Kit #3

You can download these kits for free, print and/or copy them, share the files, or change the files. When you download, you own them and can use them as you wish. Use for your class, for sharing time, for singing time, for Family Home Evening, or for at-home playtime/general use.

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Please enjoy and share!
Glorianne Muggli
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