Have a Great Primary Activity Day With a FREE Kit!

This week I have a FREE kit to help you to have a GREAT Primary Activity! For this activity, you’ll need to ask the children to bring a lunch and dress in their  Sunday best, because part of it will take place in the chapel.

You will teach the children about testimonies: what are they? How do they get one of their own? And how do they tell others about their testimonies? This kit has helps for you to teach these concepts to the children.

K-TEST cvrPrimary Activity Day Kit: I Have a Testimony

In one Ward I lived in, we put on this activity day, and it was so successful I wanted to share it with others, so I made a kit out of it. After this activity, many of the children bore their testimonies in Testimony Meeting. We also taught them that when they gave a talk or talked to their friends, they could bear their testimony, too. All the participants got to put a leaf onto a paper Testimony tree that we put on the wall in the Primary room. On that leaf they wrote or drew something they believed that they could bear witness about. They also got a leaf like the one below to take home.

Please share this blog post and your FREE download with others! It’s yours to use however you choose.

Have a wonderful Activity Day!

Test Door sign

Glorianne Muggli
Muggli Graphics



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