Are You Ready for 2018!

Are you ready? It’s almost 2018! Well, I’m here to help, as the Koala Brothers always say (if you’ve never watched it, I recommend the show).

If you’re in a Primary presidency or a chorister, please see these Kindle books based on the 2018 theme, available on

2018 300

2018 Primary Theme Book: I Am a Child of God
Sharing time ideas and helps for the presidency

2018-S 300

2018 Primary Song Visual Aids: I Am a Child of God
Visual aids for teaching the program songs

2018-CP 300

2018 Primary Children’s Program: I Am a Child of God
Pre-written script for the program with an adaptable Word version

  2018-ALL 300

2018 Primary Theme Series: I Am a Child of God
All the books in one (BEST DEAL!)

Please note that you do not have to read these books on a Kindle – you can read them on many devices, including on your computer screen. Once you get the downloads, you can save them on your computer and print from them.

Are you a Primary teacher? Here are some supplemental classroom books for Nursery, Sunbeams, CTRs, and Valiants, with handouts, games, and activities for EVERY lesson! All of them correspond with the lessons except the activity book for the Valiants.

image description

For Nursery

Cover - CB-SB

For Sunbeams


For CTRs


For Valiants

AB-OT cvr

For Valiants

These and dozens of other FREE downloads are available at my website, Use them any way you wish, and give copies to friends and the kids in your class or at home. For more info on Muggli Graphics, see my website, (where you can sign up for my monthly newsletter), and my blog, I write several theme books each year, and sometimes other activity books and kits, which are offered for FREE.

Happy 2018!


Glorianne Muggli
Muggli Graphics


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