FREE Story Kit Downloads!

‘Tis the season for stories! I have three downloads for you of great stories. The first two are from  Oscar Wilde: The Happy Prince is a favorite of mine, and I have trouble not crying when I tell it, even though I’ve told it over and over, to groups from kids to adults in a care home. It’s about sacrifice and love.


The Happy Prince Story Kit

The second story, The Selfish Giant, is also one of Wilde’s. It’s about changing for the better, redemption, and repentance. The little child symbolizes Christ. It’s a beautiful story.

image description

The Selfish Giant Story Kit

The third one is from a story you can find on the internet, sort of an American folk tale from that great author, Anonymous. In it, the symbols we see at Christmas time are related to the nativity story, so this can help children understand that Christmas is about Jesus Christ, not just about Santa Claus and gifts. It’s called Teach the Children Story Kit, and I first heard it when a family member gifted it to me with cute little felt pieces for storytelling.

image description

Teach the Children Story Kit

When my children were all at home, we always read scriptures and stories on Christmas Eve, and usually we read Luke 2, Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, and Teach the Children. I always make sure to tell people listening to a story whether it is true or a pretend story. My children grew up knowing Santa Claus was about a real person named Saint Nicholas who gave gifts, and he wasn’t going to come down our chimney – which would have been a disaster since we had a wood stove. Enjoy these downloads!

Merry Christmas to all!
Glorianne Muggli
Muggli Graphics


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