2018 Books for Next Year!

Are you in a Primary presidency, or are you a Primary chorister? These books have been written especially   for you. The first book, 2018 Primary Theme Book,  is the essential one for Primary presidencies. It has helps for planning the year, tips for the children’s program, and – count ’em – two sharing time ideas for every month. Some of the sharing time ideas help you do suggested activities from the Outline, and some reinforce scriptures or ideas from the Outline. I’ve been a chorister, counselor, and president in Primary, and have also taught every age group in 40+ years in Primary callings. I like to use use things that have helped me, as well as being easy and quick to prepare. Click the images to go to my gloriannemuggli.com website page, where you will be directed to Amazon to purchase the books.

Header 2018

2018 Primary Theme Book Series: I Am a Child of God

The books are available in Kindle format. Please note that you do NOT have to read the books on a Kindle. You can also read them on your computer or other device. Each book has downloads in pdf and/or Word formats. The other two books shown are the Song Visual Aids Book and the Children’s Program. The program is a pre-written script that follows the Outline closely. It also has a Word file that you can use to adapt the script for your local unit. The script has extra songs added, which you can omit or replace. The visual aids book has pictures for the chorister, for teaching every song in the script, including the extra ones.

If you’re wondering what happened to the monthly posters and the scripture strips, don’t worry. They have been added to the theme book, making it quite a bargain! An even bigger bargain is the all-in-one book that combines ALL the books in one publication for a reduced price!

2018-ALL 300

All-in-One Book

We want to help you have a great 2018!
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