FREE Downloads for Teaching Songs in Primary!

Calling all choristers! Here are your visual aids for teaching practically every song you could possibly use for Primary. The first book has pictures, wordstrips, and/or actions for teaching EVERY song in the Children’s Songbook.

Cover - VA-PS

Primary Song Visual Aids Book

The second book has aids for teaching several hymns and songs not contained in the Children’s Songbook.

image description

Teaching Hymns in Primary

Personally, using visual aids is my favorite way to teach the songs. You probably have lots of other ways to teach, and you may prefer to make or gather your own visual aids. These downloads are FREE, so go ahead and download them, take a look, and use as desired. You can use the visual aids for lots of other purposes. You can share and make changes to the files. Use for singing time, sharing time, in classes, and at home.

Glorianne Muggli
Muggli Graphics
MG logo child sm


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