Update! 2018 Primary Theme Series Books – Coming Soon!

The 2018 Outline doesn’t seem to be available on the lds.org website yet. On the curriculum page, it still says “Available Soon.” It’s there, though (in the Gospel Library), and I got a link to it from somebody on Facebook a little while ago. Since then, I’ve been busy working on books for the 2018 theme. The theme is “I Am a Child of God,” and the Outline material is available here  in chapter form. If you want it, go there, and you can copy and paste to get the Outline.

This year, I will be publishing fewer books, with the same amount of info stuffed inside. There will be separate Theme, Song Visual Aids, and Children’s Program books. The 2018 Theme Book will have the formerly separate Poster and Scripture Strips books incorporated into it – because when they’re Kindle books, it doesn’t matter how many pages there are, right? (When I do printed books, I have to worry about how many pages the staples will go through.) There will also be an all-in-one book with all the books in one publication, the best value for the money. All the books will be available on Amazon and via Kindle Unlimited.

2018 300 2018-S 300 2018-CP 300 2018-ALL 300

As soon as they are available, the books for 2018 will be added to this blog. At the beginning of November, the 2017 books will be posted on my gloriannemuggli.com website as FREE downloads!

Rest in Peace, Elder Hales. We love and respect you.

Hales small

Thanks for reading!
Glorianne Muggli
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