A FREE Activity Book for General Conference!

In my local Primary, they hand out activity pages for General Conference. That’s because it’s super hard for little kids to pay attention for hours and hours over a two-day span. Heck, it’s hard for adults, and I usually need to read the report to remember what was said. That’s because I “sometimes” fall asleep…. even though the talks are inspired and interesting.

This book has activities to help children pay attention, or at least to learn something about General Conference. You can print pages out from your FREE download and use them in any way you choose, including giving them to friends and passing copies out to your own Primary.

AB-GC cvr

General Conference Activity Book

You can print/copy, share the file, use in a class, for sharing time, or at home. Feel free to take a look at the dozens of FREE downloads available at gloriannemuggli.com. You can follow this blog to get all the latest news.

Speaking of the latest news, I’m working on the 2018 Primary Theme Series books, and they will be available soon. This year there will be fewer books, with more stuffed inside. There will be separate Song Visual Aids and Children’s Program books. The 2018 Theme book will have the formerly separate Poster and Scripture Strips book incorporated into it – because when they’re Kindle books, it doesn’t matter how many pages there are, right? There will also be an all-in-one book with all the books in one publication, the best value for the money. All the books will be available via Kindle Unlimited.

As soon as they are available, a page for the 2018 books will be added to this blog. At the beginning of November, the 2017 books will be posted as FREE downloads.

You’re welcome, and enjoy!
Glorianne Muggli
Muggli Graphics
2018-ALL 150


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