Two FREE Books for Primary (Plus News about 2018)!

This week, I have two FREE books to help you in your Primary! One is a general book with all kinds of stuff, the Primary Idea Book. It has ideas for organizing, sharing time, activity days, bulletin boards, teacher training, class signs, and choristers.


Primary Idea Book

The second book is Visual Aids for Choosing Time, with lots of fun ideas and visual aids for sharing time and singing time.


Visual Aids for Choosing Time

Currently, the website shows 2018 Outline for Sharing Time: I Am a Child of GodĀ (coming soon), and you can’t access the 2018 Outline from that page. However, on a Facebook tip, I looked here, where the Outline is available by the chapter, so if you want the 2018 Outline information, you can cut and paste to get it, as I did.

I have begun work on the 2018 Muggli Graphics Primary theme books, and they will be posted for sale on Amazon in Kindle format as soon as they are ready. You will be able to download the FREE pdf and Word documents from the Kindle books.

Me tiny 2017
Thanks for reading!
Glorianne Muggli
Muggli Graphics


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