Paper Puppet Book FREE Download!

You’ve probably seen those cute puppets people make with paper bags. They’re easy and inexpensive to make. The problem is finding some to make, or making them yourself, right?

Well, here’s a FREE book download with literally dozens of paper puppets you can make. There are scripture characters, animals, and even objects such as scriptures. Just print off the one or two pages needed. Follow the instructions to color, cut out, and mount the pieces with tape or glue onto the paper bags, and you have your own paper bag puppet!


Paper Puppet Book

These puppets are easy enough to give to your whole class or Primary for them to make, use to act out a story or song, and then take home with them. I’ve used paper puppets in classes, sharing time, singing time, for FHE, and for playtime for children.

You can download these kits for free, print and/or copy them, share the files, or change the files. When you download the pdf files, you own them and can use them as you wish.

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Please enjoy and share!
Glorianne Muggli
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