FREE! Primary Activity Day Kit: I Have a Testimony

In a Ward I used to live in, we had a wonderful Primary Activity Day, and I shared the particulars in this kit. We wanted the children to understand what a testimony is and how to share it, so we asked the children to come in their Sunday best clothes. The children learned about things they could express thanks for, and contributed leaves to a Testimony Tree, shown on the cover. We started in the Primary room with instruction, then we had the children sit in the chapel, where each child had an opportunity to stand at the pulpit, and they could bear their testimonies if they wanted to. If they didn’t want to say anything, they could just stand there. They were told how to share their feelings and what to do if they needed help.

K-TEST cvr

Primary Activity Day Kit: I Have a Testimony

We explained to the children that we don’t have testimony meeting in Primary, but that they were welcome to give their testimony in place of a regular talk, and they could join the other members during testimony meetings. We kept the tree up in the Primary room for several weeks as a reminder.

The activity day was obviously a success, because in the following months, many of the children bore their testimonies both in talks and on Fast Sunday. Not only that, but they thought about what they wanted to say, so their testimonies were not all too similar to each other.

The kit includes instructions, visual aids, and lots of helps for putting the program on. Instructions on how to get additional materials is shown under “To Get Your Free Downloads.”

Test Door sign

You’re Welcome!
Glorianne Muggli
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