FREE: Guess the Primary Song Sharing Time Kit!

What’s a sharing time kit? Well….


Guess the Primary Song Sharing Time Kit

The first time I was a Primary president, it was in a small Ward in a tiny town in Oregon with a little Primary of about 40 children. I had one counselor and a secretary who seldom if ever showed up, so my other counselor and myself were often stuck without any planned sharing time. We also had a few teachers who would just not show up without notice.

What we did to save our sanity was to combine the junior and senior Primaries, sending them all to class for the first hour and having our exercises together during the second hour. Usually I did the secretary’s job, and my faithful counselor would check all the classrooms to see if they had teachers, and find subs or combine classes when needed. It was about this time that the 3-hour time block was introduced and Primary structure was changed with fewer lesson manuals being used. This change helped us immensely, because it was far easier to combine classes. We had a wonderful sister who would actually come and ask if we needed her just about every single week. My counselor and I would usually switch back and forth with last-minute sharing times, and I would sub for the chorister if needed. After meetings, I would go home and find a message from my absentee counselor on my answering machine, saying she was ill, which was true, because she suffered from chronic migraines.

I found a bunch of sharing time ideas from my own publications and ideas from others, and I put together several packets that we could reach into the closet for, quickly make copies if needed, and have a sharing time within minutes! We also sometimes used them for planned sharing times. Our Primary’s number one favorite impromptu sharing time was this musical guessing game, and the kids got so good at it that they could guess “I Am a Child of God” with only one note! Clever children…. These packets became the basis for the Kits that you will find on the website. Download any or all of the kits for FREE! The collection was added to when I was a Primary president the second time, and has since been added to with kits for storytelling, activities, and programs.

Eventually we replaced the counselor and the secretary, and our Primary ran more smoothly, but I’ll never forget some of the lessons I learned from that experience. One of those is that when told by inspiration who to call to a certain assignment, you go ahead and do it. Another thing is that no matter what happens and no matter how impossible it seems to be to deal with it, there’s a way – because the Lord ALWAYS provides a way to obey.

You’re welcome!
Glorianne Muggli
Muggli Graphics


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