FREE Download About Temples!

Here’s a FREE download for teaching children about temples. It has games and activities to help children understand the purpose and functions of the holy Houses of the Lord. This book was adapted from a theme book and was first introduced as a FREE download. It has never been in print.


My Temple Activity Book

It’s important for children to understand what temples are for and what happens inside them. Temples are sacred, and some things need to be spoken about only when there, but they are not a secret, and not to be thought of as scary or mysterious.

As a young adult, I had many friends who said that they had learned nothing about what went on in the temple until they  got their own endowments when they went on missions or got married. My late husband and I taught temple preparation classes several times, and when I was in Young Women I taught them about the temple. I believe knowledge helps very much in a person’s ability to become and remain worthy to attend the temple.

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Glorianne Muggli
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