FREE! First Vision Sharing Time Kit

There’s a story every LDS child should know, and that’s the story of Joseph Smith’s first vision. It’s the beginning of the great Restoration, with the same gospel, organization, and priesthood found in the ancient Church. Either you believe it and the rest follows, or you don’t, and none of it is true.


First Vision Sharing Time Kit

Here’s a FREE kit to help you tell that story! The First Vision Sharing Time Kit contains the story, visual aids, and a coloring page master so children can take a reminder home with them. Use for sharing time, Family Home Evening, in your class, or for general use. The download is totally FREE, and you can print, share, or change the file.

I recommend singing one or more songs about the Restoration when you tell this story. These are from the Children’s Songbook for Primary:

Also highly recommended is the movie “The Restoration,” which tells the story in film (featuring my nephew, Dustin Harding). You can get it online at the link above, order a DVD from the online store, or get it on your tablet with the Gospel Library app. I even found it on Amazon, but it’s much cheaper or free at the links above.

Teach the children!
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