FREE Download for Springtime Bulletin Boards!

The first time I was a Primary president, my counselors and I divvied up bulletin board responsibilities. I did what I usually do, which is gather ideas and materials for the ones I was going to be responsible for. Then I went hog-wild and made four books of stuff to put on bulletin boards, one for each season of the year. I got visuals for things having to do with each season and holidays, and added in Church history dates. I actually used the books when I did the bulletin boards. My favorite things are the borders – those borders can be expensive at the store, and they’re more often than not unattractive. Also, have you ever tried to find some to fit your theme? You’re lucky to find a color you like. What I’m going to do is to post a bulletin board book for FREE download for each season. Here’s the one for Spring! Look for the others throughout the year!


Visual Aids for Bulletin Boards 1:
Spring Themes and Church History Dates

You can save, print, copy, alter, and share this file. I would advise that you put the file on a thumb drive or CD and take it to a copy shop and get the borders printed in color on card stock, as they need 11×17 paper (unless you have access to a large format printer). The other pages can be printed on letter size paper. If you print the images on card stock, they will be more durable and shouldn’t need to be laminated. For borders, printing 3 copies of the page you want to use will give you about 9 feet of border. Make note of how many feet you need and adjust accordingly. Have fun!

Glorianne Muggli
Muggli Graphics


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