ON SALE! My Muggli Graphics 2017 Primary Theme Series Books! Plus FREE Holiday Activity Book!

Hi Everyone!

If you are in a Primary presidency or are a Primary chorister in the LDS Church, Have I got a SALE for you! I’ve marked most of my  books down so they are an even better deal! Most of the print books (of which there are very few left) are marked down about half, and most of the Kindle books are marked down 25%. I say “most of” because the Children’s Programs are not marked down; they cost less in the first place, and sell later in  the year, presumably when people are writing their programs.

These books were written especially for the 2017 Primary theme, Choose the Right. Click the images to see the sale pages on Amazon.

This book has aids for the Primary Presidency for planning, sharing time, singing time, and opening/closing exercises. Downloads are included for a planning calendar and a .pdf version of the book. Full color card stock pages in the center provide ready-to-use visual aids. Click on the image to be taken to the Amazon page, where you can purchase both the print and Kindle versions of the book.

~2017 theme covers.cdr

The song visual aids book has visual aids and wordstrips printed in full color on card stock for easy use. The chorister can laminate the visuals or use them as is, and help the children learn the songs. When paired with the children’s program, visual aids are included for all the songs included in the Outline, plus some extras.

~2017 theme covers.cdr

This book of posters has large, colorful posters for the presidency for each monthly theme and can be used in exercises for scripture recital.

~2017 theme covers.cdr

This is my best selling book! It has a pre-written script for the annual program as well as a customizable Word document that the presidency can download and use to adapt the script for their own use. It includes extra songs so that each monthly theme is included with its own song, for those of you who like the songs, as I do. For the presidency and the chorister.

~2017 theme covers.cdr

This book has full color card stock wordstrips for each monthly scripture. They can be used by the presidency in games to help the children memorize the scripture, or as displays on bulletin boards.

~2017 theme covers.cdr

Last but not least, if you like Kindle books, this publication has all five books together in a money-saving package. Not only that, but if you are a Kindle Unlimited subscriber, you can borrow it for free! It has all the same downloads as each of the individual books, so if you like working digitally, it’s an unbeatable deal.


If you want to see what’s in the books, some pages are shown on Amazon. If you’d like to see last year’s books, go to gloriannemuggli.com/pri to download FREE copies.

To see teaching aids available for FREE download, go to gloriannemuggli.com. Look at the categories you are interested in. Every download is completely FREE, and you can print, make changes, and share the files with whomever you choose.

Last but not least, here’s a FREE download of the Holiday Activity Book. Check out the scherenschnitte valentine!


Here’s to all the hard workers in Primaries everywhere!
Glorianne Muggli
Muggli Graphics




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