FREE Downloads for the Nursery!

Dear Kid Lovers,

Do you work in the Primary Nursery, have small children, or teach little kids? I’ve got three FREE downloads you’ll love! They are books of visual aids that can be used in the Nursery, for playtime, or for teaching simple lessons. There are three of them:


Visual Aids for the Nursery 1:
Shapes, Colors, & Numbers


Visual Aids for the Nursery 2:
Plants & Animals


Visual Aids for the Nursery 3:
My Gospel Alphabet

The books have visual aids for teaching about shapes, colors, and  numbers; plants and animals; and the alphabet. They are absolutely FREE, and you can  print them, make changes to them, and share the files. You can use them for anything you want.

These book downloads will be accessible from this page for a week (Thursday through Wednesday). If you want them after this week is up, just look around on the website and you’ll find them on another page, still free. These particular books will be found on the Visual Aids page.

Happy downloading!
Glorianne Muggli
Muggli Graphics


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