Two Free Downloads About a Child’s Relationship With God

Dear Readers,

As parents, teachers, and mentors to children, one of our most important responsibilities to them is to make sure they know who they are: children of God. As children of God, they need to understand that they can have a real relationship with Him, that he loves them, and that they can show their love for Him by obeying the commandments.

These two books were adapted from the theme books from 2005 and 2006, and are focused on God’s promises to us and on His plan for us. It’s called the great plan of happiness for a reason. These two books have activities and games that can help children to better understand their relationship to their Eternal Father and how to follow His plan.


God’s Promises to Me Activity Book


God’s Plan for Me Activity Book

It is my hope that you will find these books useful and that the children you teach will have fun while learning!

Glorianne Muggli
Muggli Graphics


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