FREE Downloads for the Nursery!

Dear Kid Lovers,

Do you work in the Primary Nursery, have small children, or teach little kids? I’ve got three FREE downloads you’ll love! They are books of visual aids that can be used in the Nursery, for playtime, or for teaching simple lessons. There are three of them:


Visual Aids for the Nursery 1:
Shapes, Colors, & Numbers Continue reading


FREE Downloads to Teach Children About Jesus Christ!


I’m Trying to Be Like Jesus Activity Book


My Savior Lives Activity Book

This week I’m posting two FREE downloads of books about Jesus Christ. Continue reading

Two Free Downloads About a Child’s Relationship With God

Dear Readers,

As parents, teachers, and mentors to children, one of our most important responsibilities to them is to make sure they know who they are: children of God. Continue reading

A FREE Download for Family Home Evening!

Hello, FHE Planners!

Whether you have small children or are part of an adult FHE group, planning for Family Home Evening can test your imagination. If you’re anything like me, you like lessons, but you LOVE activities. Continue reading