Are You Ready for 2017?

Primary teachers and leaders, are you ready for 2017? Well, Muggli Graphics publications can help you be ready! First, what do you need? What is your calling? If you’re a Primary teacher, the following FREE downloads are just for you!

Do you teach in the Nursery? This book has activities that can be used with Nursery age children. These are not matched to the lessons.

image description

Classroom Activity Book for Nursery

Do you teach the Sunbeams? This book matches the lessons in the manual to be used every year.

Cover - CB-SB

Classroom Activity Book for Sunbeams

Do you teach CTRs? This book matches the lessons in the manual to be used for 2017.


Classroom Book for CTRB

Do you teach the Valiants? This book matches the lessons in the manual to be used for 2017.


Classroom Book for Doctrine and Covenants

Also for Valiants, a book of activities for learning about Church history.


Church History Activity Book

The books shown below are for the Primary as a whole. Clicking on the image or title will take you to my Featured Downloads page on, where for this week the links will take you directly to the pages on Amazon, where you can purchase them. Downloads are available with both the print and Kindle books. Some of these books have only a few printed copies available for sale, but Kindle books are always available.  Sales are scheduled for February (25% off) and June (50% off), if you feel like waiting that long. Near the end of the year, probably in November, the books will be available as free downloads. Personally, I like getting everything ready and prepared at the beginning of the year! If I could, I’d plan years in advance, but that’s just me….

When I checked with the copyrights division of the Church, I was told that as long as a statement is made that the book is not published or endorsed by the Church, they do not object to its publication. They also asked that I state that you should check with your Bishop before using any books not published by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. If your Bishop okays them, you can use them.

For the Primary presidency, here’s a book with 2 sharing time ideas for each month, a planning calendar, and lots of ideas and tips for coordinating your local Primary. Please note that in writing the Children’s Program script, I picked songs that I like, and also added songs so that each month’s theme has its own song. This book takes that into consideration accordingly. You get to do things the way YOU want to.

~2017 theme covers.cdr

2017 Primary Theme: Choose the Right

Especially for the chorister, this book has visual aids for teaching all the program songs! Use as is, or laminate. The Children’s Program has extra songs added, and this book has visual aids for those songs, too. The visuals are printed in full color on card stock.

~2017 theme covers.cdr

2017 Primary Song Visual Aids: Choose the Right

This book contains a poster for each monthly theme. These posters are large and easy to read. Just remove the staples to use, or print the posters if you get a Kindle copy.

~2017 theme covers.cdr

2017 Primary Monthly Posters: Choose the Right

This book contains a pre-written script for the children’s program to use as is, and it also has a free download for a Word file to make your own. This program has extra songs added (so you end up with a song for each monthly theme), and the Song Visual Aids book has visual aids for those songs, too.

~2017 theme covers.cdr

2017 Primary Children’s Program: Choose the Right

For sharing time, here are some scripture wordstrips to help children memorize the monthly scriptures. They can be used on bulletin boards, or take strips away for a fun game. Just remove the staples to use, or print from your free download.

~2017 theme covers.cdr

2017 Primary Scripture Strips: Choose the Right

For Kindle lovers and bargain hunters, all five books are combined into one publication. All the downloads are available just as they are in the printed copies, plus the price is right!


2017 Primary Theme Series: Choose the Right – 5 books in one!

I think you can find something to help you with your calling here!


Glorianne Muggli
Muggli Graphics



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