FREE Baptism Book and Kit!

Hi All,

The end of the year is upon us, and that also means the beginning of next year is imminent! And THAT means holding the annual baptism program for the children who should be getting baptized throughout the year.

I have a kit for you with all kinds of stuff for this program, including a poster, a program, a talk, invitations, and a bookmark. You can customize any or all of the items to use in your local unit. You can also share the file with others.


8 Is Great! Baptism Program Kit

Additionally, here’s a book download with games and activities to help teach children about baptism.


Baptism Activity Book

Since getting baptized is a child’s most important life event next to being born, they need to understand and look forward to it. I still remember my baptism, which took place many decades ago. I won’t say how many…. Enjoy!

If you’re interested, I have a brand new blog which is mostly about what I’m  reading…. and other stuff: Miligero. Check it out!

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P.S. Have a Very Merry Christmas!