FREE! New Holiday Story Kit, “Teach the Children”

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Years ago, someone gave my family a Christmas gift of a story with visual aids called “Teach the Children.” The little felt pieces and story have long since gotten lost, but the story was a family tradition for many years. Recently I looked on the internet for the story and found a similar version of it. This is the end result of editing and illustrating that story.

I have a pet peeve, and that is that I disapprove of presenting fiction as fact to children. I have been told by experts that if a child is called as a witness at a trial, lawyers will discredit their testimony by establishing that they believe in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy, so how can they be counted on the tell the truth about whatever they are being asked about? Therefore I always recommend that adults tell children that what they are being told about is either fact, or is just a story.

This is just a story. It’s a very good Christmas story where Santa tells the listener to make sure they are celebrating not him (Santa), but the birth of Jesus Christ. Various Christmas symbols and traditions are likened to scriptures, and that’s a good thing. Please enjoy!

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Teach the Children Story Kit

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