Happy Thanksgiving! Plus a FREE Christmas Story!

Hello Friends,

My Thanksgiving gift to you is a FREE download of a Thankful Turkey visual aid/decoration that you can use for general use, in your classroom, for sharing time, for singing time, or for Family Home Evening. You can print it out, laminate it if desired, and cut it out. You can let the children in your unit or everybody in your family write what they are thankful for on the feathers and then they can tape them onto the turkey. For a large group, simply make more turkeys and feathers. Display in the Primary room, classroom, living room, or even in a window or on your front door. It’s OK to share the file with anyone you choose. Enjoy, and help everyone remember to be grateful for their blessings!


Thankful Turkey!

One of my Christmas gifts for you is a story kit for The Spirit of Christmas. It’s a story kit with a story, a set of black and white illustrations, and a set of colored illustrations, so you can just prepare it or use it interactively with children coloring the figures. Watch for more Christmas story kits coming up!


The Spirit of Christmas Story Kit


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