FREE DOWNLOADS! 2016 Primary Theme Books and Primary Idea Book!

Hey Everybody,

I have a LOT of FREE DOWNLOADS for you this week! Huzzah!

First, there’s the entire series of 2016 Primary Theme books! I’ve taken them down as Kindle books, so they’re no longer for sale, and I decided to put them up as free downloads. Maybe you can get some use from them for the rest of this year. Of course, my hope (confession) is that you’ll want to purchase either printed or Kindle versions for next year….

Actually, the children’s program usually keeps selling this time of year, but not a lot. I’m thinking that if your program isn’t written by now, you deserve some sympathy and a little break. In my experience (garnered from many desperate phone calls), if it isn’t written yet, it’s because you are brand new in your calling and the past presidency thought you’d rather write the program yourself, and the Bishopric took a bit too long to call you; let’s face it, they have a lot to think about. Either that or you may have a teensy procrastination issue. So here you go:


** Click to go to the downloads page **

Also a warning: there may not be any more of the 2017 printed books when you finally decide to get them. You’ll then be limited to the Kindle versions, which never run out of inventory. So if you want print books, get them quick!

Finally, here’s my Primary Idea Book, a favorite for tips to organize your Primary! Also one of my favorite book covers.


Primary Idea Book


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