The 2017 LDS Primary Children’s Program Book Is Now Available! Plus FREE “How to Pick a Muggli Graphics Book” Chart Download!

This week I’m offering a FREE download of my “How to Pick a Muggli Graphics Book” chart, which is for everyone! It’s a chart that lists all our publications, including free downloads and books for purchase. It tells you the name of the book, what it’s about, how you can use it, and who might find it useful. The chart has been updated, and I think you’ll find it helpful.


My featured new publication for this week is the 2017 Primary Children’s Program: Choose the Right book. This book is a pre-written script for the children’s program for 2017 that you can use as is with the pdf file or use the Word file to adapt the script to fit your needs. Both files are included with purchase. Available NOW on Amazon!

~2017 theme covers.cdr

To order, see the 2017 Books page on, where clicking on the book cover will take you to the corresponding Amazon page.

The books are on, where there are both printed and Kindle books offered. The whole series of Kindle books are also available in a 5-in-1 version that saves you lots of money, and you’ll get all the same downloads that come with the printed books!


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