FREE! General Conference Activity Book Download!

This weekend is General Conference, so I’m offering a FREE download of the “General Conference Activity Book,” which is especially for children and families to use for encouraging involvement in watching and/or listening to conference. The book contains puzzles, games, and activities to help children understand the conference and participate. This FREE download can be shared freely with others or changed to suit your purposes if you like. You can use it in sharing time and classroom as well. Enjoy!

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General Conference Activity Book

Also available, 5 books for Primary presidencies and choristers for 2017. To order, see the 2017 Books page on, where clicking on the book cover will take you to the corresponding Amazon page. To see pages from inside the book, go to and look on the See Inside page.

Look for all 5 books on, where there will be both printed and Kindle books offered. The whole series of Kindle books are also available in a 5-in-1 version that saves you lots of money, and you’ll get all the downloads that come with the printed books!

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